U14 Finals

  • TH prefers a world where art cannot be generated by artificial intelligence and would always require significant human input
  • U16 Finals

  • TH would impose term limits on head of state positions in democracies
  • Grand Final

  • THBT countries with a track record of human rights violations (e.g. Qatar, Russia, etc.) should be banned from hosting major sporting events and the citizens of those countries should be disallowed from owning sports teams.
  • Semifinals

  • This House prefers a world where people do not feel anger
  • Round 5

  • This House would give more votes to low income individuals
  • Round 4

  • This House Believes That western liberal democracies should penalize tourism in countries that abuse the human rights of their citizens
  • Round 3

  • This House Would allow ex-convicts to join the police force
  • Round 2

  • This House Would tax non-renewable energy to match the cost of the cheapest available renewable energy source
  • Round 1

  • This House believes that primary and secondary schools should allocate an equal portion of time in school to academic and extracurricular activities