U-10 Finals

  • THBT communications are better on social media
  • Grand Final

  • THBT school students are too young for romance
  • Semifinals

  • Jane robbed a bank at gun point. In her bid to escape the police, she fell and hit her head. As a result of the fall, she lost all her memories after age 5. THW not convict Jane of any crime.
  • Quarterfinals

  • THB video gaming should be included in school curriculum
  • Round 5

  • THW set up homeless shelters in wealthy neighborhoods
  • Round 4

  • THBT all new public transportation contracts should only be awarded to fully electric bids
  • Round 3

  • THS the rise of children social media influencers
  • Round 2

  • THBT teachers should be replaced by computers
  • Round 1

  • THW ban plastic bags